Advanced Battery Science and Technology

Innovation in battery technology is becoming vital to facilitate the energy transition. Avantor supports customer in the research, development, production and recycling processes for the battery technology industry.

Avantor sets battery science and technology in motion to create a better world

Advancements in energy storage technologies are developing at a fast pace with lithium-Ion batteries as the current front runner. As battery technology grows, so does our need to store energy to power everything from mobile phones and laptops to electric vehicles and industrial applications.

To support this rapidly expanding battery technology industry, Avantor has a broad offering of products and services for research organizations, mining & processing facilities, as well as battery manufacturing & recycling companies – for each of their mission-critical workflows.

Avantor offers products and services to support:

  • Mining & refining of battery metals
  • Production of battery materials
  • Production of battery components (cathode, anode)
  • Battery cell, module & pack assembly
  • Battery R&D, QA/QC and Testing
  • Battery recycling


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Avantor Services can support you with critical, operational or highly specialised tasks, so that your team has the time and ability to focus on theirs.

Safety & Production Supplies

A wide variety of personal protection and safety equipment to support the battery technology industry.

Controlled Environment & Cleanroom

We offer controlled environment products from industry leading manufacturers to support battery technology.

Analytical Chemistry

Analytical solutions for your battery raw material testing, research and final product, including MS, LC, GC, ICP, spectroscopy, titration and electrochemistry.


We manufacture laboratory chemicals and offer a broad range of battery anode materials, battery cathode materials, battery electrolytes, battery metals, organic solvent electrolyte components, interstitials and binder