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High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and ultra-high-performance liquid chromatography (UHPLC) are among the most widely used techniques in the chemical and life sciences.

Avantor equipment and products for analytical liquid chromatography

Val av kolonn

Du behöver rätt HPLC eller GC kolonn för din applikation! Det finns många olika kolonner att välja på marknaden. Vi kan hjälpa dig att välja rätt kolonn för just din metod.

Mobile Phases and Phase Modifiers

You can choose the HPLC solvents that are best for your lab from among the hundred Avantor offers. Get the brands and products you prefer from a supplier you trust.


No matter what type of vials you need, Avantor can help. We have dozens of vials of different sizes, shapes, and finishes to help guarantee chemical compatibility. Look at what Avantor carries to meet your needs.

Capillary, Fittings, and Accessories

Optimize the flow path in your chromatography lab with your choice your choice of capillaries, fittings, and connectors. See what Avantor has to offer.

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What is HPLC?

High performance liquid chromatography, known as HPLC, works by using high-pressure pumps to effectively force a sample mixture containing the solvent through a column that contains a solid absorbent material.

This absorbent material interacts differently with each component in the solvent. As the solvent components flow out of the column, they flow at a unique rate.

The difference in flow rate lets each component be separated from the mixture. A detector then determines the identity and concentration of the compounds.