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Avantor®'s bioprocessing solutions focus on what matters most for your operations. We provide a unique combination of industry expertise with the broadest portfolio of products and materials. The products we carry are engineered and manufactured to satisfy the highest quality standards and regulatory requirements for your final product, whether it is a vaccine, monoclonal antibody, recombinant protein, cell therapy, or gene therapy.

Obtain High-Quality Bioprocessing Products

Avantor®'s bioprocessing solutions focus on what matters most for your operations. We offer a unique combination of industry expertise and a broad portfolio of bioprocessing products and materials. Our products are engineered and manufactured to satisfy the highest quality standards and regulatory requirements for your final product – whether it’s a vaccine, monoclonal antibody, recombinant protein, cell therapy, or gene therapy.

mRNA vaccines & therapies – Bioprocessing solutions for the mRNA revolution

Avantor offers solutions for every stage of the mRNA vaccine and therapy manufacturing workflow. Partner with Avantor to support your speed to market.

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J.T.Baker® BAKERBOND™ PROchievA™ protein A chromatography resins

Improve your efficiency with high-performance protein A chromatography resins for mAbs production processes.

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Buffer management solutions

Optimize your buffer preparation process by evaluating different buffer management strategies – from dry powder chemicals ready to hydrate through premade hydrated buffer solutions to a combination of both, to develop a solution.

Cell therapy

Cell therapies offer new hope for patients in the fight against life-altering diseases such as cancer. Explore cell culture media and sera, fill and finish excipients, and other dependable bioprocessing products we offer for cell therapies manufacturing.

Avantor vätskehanteringslösningar

We enable biopharma manufacturers with end-to-end fluid management solutions

Gene therapy

Gene therapies offer the prospect of curative benefits to patients with genetic or acquired diseases. We have the biopharma products you need from fermentation media to culture Plasma DNA vectors and purification of CAR vectors used to engineer T-cells.

Monoclonal antibodies (mAbs)

From production chemicals to single-use assemblies, our products address your need to maintain quality, activity, and stability throughout the entire process for monoclonal antibodies – the largest sector in the biologics market.

Recombinant proteins

Recombinant proteins are manufactured using microbial (E. coli) expression systems. Discover highly effective products for recombinant proteins manufacturing, including fermentation media and chromatography resins.


Vaccines were made to target infectious diseases, but new vaccine developments focus on immuno-oncology applications. Avantor® supports breakthrough discoveries with products and solutions for vaccines manufacturing, such as animal sera and buffer comp...

Innovation in biopharma

Innovation is at the heart of our business. We help customers achieve their goals faster, more efficiently, and effectively. Learn how we can help you optimize your biopharma production.

Avantor Seradigm Sera

The most reliable supply of exceptional quality Fetal Bovine Serum...

Process filtration

Our process water filtration systems deliver critical filtration at high flow rates for cooling water systems in any manufacturing plant.

Managing your risk

Avantor® offers reliable and transparent supply chain solutions to minimize risk to your process. It's what we do best.

Biopharma production chemicals & excipients

Reach the market more quickly with trusted chemicals and excipients from Avantor.®

Downstream process optimization support

Reduce downstream turnaround times by optimizing resin and buffer selections, enhancing yield and purity, and decreasing process times.


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Technical Articles

Learn about the latest developments in bioprocessing from the experts at Avantor.® Browse recently published articles and whitepapers here.

What Is Bioprocessing?

Bioprocessing is any process that uses complete living cells or their components to obtain desired products. The methods use various cell types, ranging from animal to virus. Multiple industries rely on products made through bioprocessing, including the pharmaceutical, food, chemical, and fuel industries. The Food and Drug Administration heavily regulates bioprocessing technology because of the nature of the process and its potential impact.
Biotechnical advances have enabled the production of various biopharmaceuticals within the biopharma realm. These include:

  • Gene therapy vectors
  • Therapeutic stem cells
  • Promising new vaccines

Advancements in biopharma products are revolutionizing treatment for an increasingly broad range of diseases.

Biopharma Manufacturing Considerations

Each stage of bioprocessing is influenced by its steps, from molecule discovery to complete fill and finish. You're constantly striving to achieve higher production yields, which affect manufacturing costs. The following considerations are essential to weigh:

  • Selecting the correct expression system
  • Choosing the best medium and feed for your bioreactor to achieve maximum cell density and productivity
  • Capturing, clarifying, and concentrating the target protein efficiently
  • Obtaining the purified protein through downstream processes
  • Packaging the protein formulation during final fill in the required configuration

Set Science in Motion with Avantor®

Avantor® provides you with an integrated, seamless purchasing experience optimized for the way you do business. You can choose from top industry brands and a broad selection of biopharma equipment, including:

  • Media components
  • Animal sera
  • Buffers
  • Process biochemicals
  • Excipients
  • Single-use biopharma solutions

Choose products to help address upstream and downstream processes as well as final fill formulations. Find all the bioprocessing supplies your lab needs to innovate at Avantor®.