VWR bioMarke Magazine 39

Issue 39 - 2019


39 articles about innovation, expertise and state-of-the-art products that will help you to succeed in your life science challenges.

  • Mimicking in vivo conditions without losing control: Corning's novel method for generating single organoids for HTS
  • Opportunities and challenges in cell and gene therapy development: An interview with Ger Brophy, EVP, biopharma production, Avantor
  • Reliable protection: Who`s DAVe, and what does Thermo`s compensating UV disinfection cycle in a biosafety cabinet do for you?
  • Supporting cancer research and diagnostics: Strategies for retrieving cfDNA of short fragment lengths explored by Omega Bio-tek
  • Achieve 60% faster times to reliable results: Quantification of Illumina NGS libraries using Quantabio's Real-Time solutions

And many more...