Divided saddle chairs, Twin / Multiadjuster

Leverantör: Salli Systems
139-0505EA 8875 SEK
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Divided saddle chairs, Twin / Multiadjuster
Excellent, versatile and ergonomic saddle chairs for both genders.

  • Two-part seats with ergonomic design
  • Available in leather or artificial leather
  • Hand controlled height adjustment with gas spring
  • Tilt mechanism for inclination adjustment
  • Metallic gas spring and base
  • Seat width adjustment (Multiadjuster models only)

On saddle chairs, the body weight rests on the sitting bones. The lower back can therefore form a natural curve. This riding-like sitting position lets the back enjoy good posture without unnecessary muscle tension. As the load on the spine eases, the muscles in the neck and shoulder area can relax. The lower body forms a golden triangle: Users are sitting on their sitting bones with their legs obliquely forward. Thesrefore, these chairs will help to avoid sitting disorders and most MSD, such as back pains, fatigue, and poor posture. Users will stay healthier and be much more energetic and productive.

Maximum load: 120 kg

Warranty: 10 years

Information om tillbehör: Allround support: Allround can be used in any position on the chair: front, back or either side, to support either one hand or both. When used in the back it works as a temporary stretching support. It can be changed from left-handed to right-handed and vice versa by attaching the adjustment mechanism to the other end of the support. Allround is attached to the gas spring of the chair.
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