SafeKey lockout padlocks, nylon

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BRDY150249EA 290 SEK
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SafeKey lockout padlocks, nylon
These SafeKey nylon padlocks are the ultimate locks for all types of safety and security needs.

  • Lightweight with a ribbed design for easy gripping
  • Ideal for electrical applications and enclosures
  • Key releases only upon lock closure
  • Preferred for most indoor lockout applications
  • Engraving options on front, back, left side, right side, and/or key
  • Key retaining (Key won’t release until the padlock shackle is securely closed)
  • Non-conductive

The new design and innovative keying mechanism provides more unique key possibilities than a conventional standard safety padlock, without sacrificing a secure lockout. The unique lock mechanism is insulated and non-conductive to protect workers from shocks when key is inserted. The lock mechanism has six precision steel tumbler blades for a high number of key differences and tamper resistance.

Locks are lightweight and resist impact, temperature, chemicals, and corrosion. Their non-conductive, non-sparking body features a ribbed design for easier gripping and handling. The colour-matched key and lock body allows a fast identification in the application.

Beställningsinformation: Custom keying, engraving, charting, Master Key, and Grand Master Key options are available.

Leveransinformation: One key is supplied with each lock.
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