Biochemical ID test systems

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Biochemical ID test systems
Testsystem för mikrobiologi Antigen-Antikropp tester Ag-AK, Immunoassay
ID kits can be used to identify pure cultures but are also useful for the identification and confirmation of isolates that have produced presumptive positive results in any of TECRA’s Salmonella or Listeria rapid screening kits. The ID kits employ just 12 standardised microwell substrates. They are simple to use, with no assembly required, single colony inoculation and non-toxic reagents. The Identification System Software can be used to provide a reliable identification.

  • The kits are conveniently sized and contain all the reagents required
  • ID kits can save time and money, eliminating the need to make up numerous types of biochemical test media
  • Greater accuracy and reliability
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